Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Canada Working Visa

Work in Canada

There are many options available to those who want to work in Canada. The correct visa all depends on the applicants situation and on the time period and job prospects within the country. With 250,000 Canadian visas open to skilled workers alone this year and many of them leading to permanent citizenship, there are several avenues City Visas can explore with you to help you get your Canadian work visa and work in Canada.
Here are a few of the options available to those wishing to work in Canada

Federal Skilled Visa

The federal skilled worker visa allows individuals a route to develop permanent residence in Canada, and is designed for those wishing to immigrate to Canada.  The skilled worker visa is a points based visa, which also takes into account occupations that Canada may need at the time of application.  Below we have detailed the basic features of the federal skilled application, and our team remains up to date with all changes in procedure to do with the Federal skilled worker visa.

Canada Work Permit

A Canadian work permit allows an individual to fill a job or post for a specific firm or company upon a temporary basis. Canada visas like work permits are not intended as a route to settlement and applications for visas of this kind are designed to help Canadian employers who are finding it difficult to fill positions with Canadian permanent residents or Canadian citizens.  To find out whether you qualify for this visa please complete our free online assessment.

Canada post-graduate work permit

Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s novel Post-Graduation Work visa provides eligible foreign students graduating from a participating post-secondary Canadian institution with the thrilling opportunity to gain Canadian work experience related to their field of studies. 
Once granted, work permit holders can gain Canadian experience and put their recently gained knowledge to use in the Canadian labour market.

Canada Investor visa

The Immigrant Investor Program seeks experienced business people to invest C$800,000 into Canada’s economy and become permanent residents. Investors must show that they have business experience, a minimum net worth of C$1,600,000 that was obtained legally and make a C$800,000 investment.

Canada Entrepreneur Visa

The Entrepreneur Program seeks to attract experienced business persons who will own and actively manage businesses in Canada that contribute to the economy and create jobs.
Please take our online visa assessment to see whether you qualify to work in Canada.

Please note that all information in relation to work in Canada and Canadian Visas can be found on official Canadian Governmental websites and applicants can also process this individually.
City Visas is not affiliated with any governmental organisations and all caseworkers are highly skilled and experienced in the necessary migration solution
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