Saturday, September 20, 2014

Business permits for Norway

The Oslo Chamber of Commerce
Due to an organised public sector and an interest in foreign investment, starting up a company in Norway is relatively easy and inexpensive for expats.

Having said that, being an entrepreneur or running a business in Norway can be daunting. The support structure that is in place for employees is not in place for business owners and self-employed persons.

There is a lot of paperwork and many rules required to legally do business in Norway, and it can get confusing. However, there are several companies that offer services to guide foreigners through the process of starting up and running a business, such as Etablere and the Agency for Business Development Service, run by the City of Oslo. The Oslo Chamber of Commerce may also be helpful. 

One golden rule is that the company must be registered with the Brønnøysund Register Centre. The registration fee varies depending on the kind of business being registered. A firm with up to 50 employees may only need a minimum starting capital of 30,000 NOK, while some companies may need as much as 100,000 NOK.  Fees are renewed annually, and an invoice is sent through the mail.

Depending on the kind of company being started, an expat entrepreneur in Norway may need an auditor, a general manager, and a board. They will also need a lawyer and an accountant.

Altinn is an online state resource which deals with taxation and is a great resource for information and documents needed for starting a business in Norway.

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